Sunday, July 2, 2017

Super Hot and Teaching a Lot

June 20: Today was SUPER HOT! It was a lot easier to talk to people though because when it is above 110 they feel bad and let you in hahaha. Sweet!

June 21: Today there were a lot of meetings and baptisms in other areas so we were switching companions like crazy! I had 3 different companions today! It was still a pretty sweet day. We were talking to some investigators who have been to church a lot about baptism so hopefully that works out!

June 22: Today was crazy! We had 20 minutes before we had to be home and it was a 10-minute drive so we were like, alright let's go street contact at 8:40 at night. We met a woman who we have talked to about every week of my mission on the street. She wants to become Christian but can't because of family pressure to stay with the cultural beliefs. We were talking to her and she said some family situations changed! We are going to start teaching her now! Super cool!

June 23: Today we had our weekly planning session. We were talking about different lessons and stuff when we got a text from an investigator saying him and his brother want to get baptized July 1st! Way cool! We are super excited!

June 24: Today was a pretty solid day. We were able to find 2 new investigators! One of which has 8 kids! That was a pretty crazy lesson hahaha super fun!

June 25: Today was church! Super fun! We had a big meeting about Hmong Conference. In August, all of the Hmong Members in the state of California come together for a huge Conference and this year our ward is hosting it! Way cool! We are super pumped!

-Elder Yskes

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  1. Happy belated birthday and Grandma Yskes says "hi!"