Saturday, June 24, 2017

Happy Father's Day, Charity and Love!!

June 13: Today we had exchanges! I spent the day with Elder King. He is way cool. He got transferred into the Hmong ward as well. He was originally an English-speaking missionary. He is picking up on Hmong super-fast! He taught me a whole lesson on the Book of Mormon completely in Hmong! Not saying it was a very good lesson but he did it! Pretty cool considering he started learning a week ago. 

June 14: Today we had interviews with the President. He is going home soon so it was pretty cool.

June 15: Today we went to the Temple! Super fun!

June 16: Today we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders. Elder Biggs and I tore up our area. It was pretty sweet. Lots of boldness makes for a successful day. We also talked about how charity is the most important commandment. Love God and love thy neighbor are the two commandments upon which ALL of God's commandment rest. And guess where these two commandments come from... Charity! Why was Jesus Christ perfect? He had perfect charity. He suffered and died for us so we could be forgiven and have Eternal Life. Not much more charitable you can get that that!

June 17: Today we helped move a piano. We were expecting it to be super hard but we didn't have to go upstairs so it was way easy. Also, we met this super cool 13-year-old. He called us Sir the entire time we were talking to him and he ended by saying "Thank you for this wonderful religious experience sir." Hahaha way cool.

June 18: Today was Father's Day!! Church was super fun with the Father's Day program. Wishing everyone a happy Father's Day!!

-Elder Yskes

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Lots of Teaching

June 5: Had preparation day today. went around and said bye to everyone because Elder Bagley is getting moved to Merced (45 minutes north).

June 6: Met my new companion, Elder Baconawa. He is from the Philippines and does not speak Hmong! We were able to teach a lot of people but not in English. Hopefully he will pick up the language quickly!

June 7: Again, taught a bunch of lessons. 

June 8: Again, a day completely filled with lessons. Super awesome!

June 9: Today we met some super cool people on the street playing the guitar. One of them moved from Laos a month ago and is 17 but doesn't speak any English. Super cool guy though.

June 10: Today we had 4 investigators at church! We have a lot more that want to come too just need to figure out how to get there! (When they can't speak English getting places is difficult sometimes) It was a super awesome week though!

-Elder Yskes

We’re out in the countryside and took some cool pictures

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Dead Chicken and Transfer Calls

May 30: Pretty normal day.

May 31: Today we were able to teach a TON! It was super fun! We also were given a bunch of sugar cane by a member. Tastes really good!

June 1: Today I got sick! There was another Elder who was sick too so we just sat around all day getting better. 

June 2: Still sick...

June 3: All better!! Today there was a baptism! The other 2 Elders in our ward were able to baptize one of their investigators today! Super cool! 

June 4: Transfer calls!!! Elder Bagley will be going to Merced. I will be getting an English Elder as my new companion!!! He is a super awesome missionary but I will have to teach him Hmong!! Crazy!! Super excited though!!! Running a Hmong area with a companion that doesn't know Hmong will be fun!

-Elder Yskes

The stairway up to an investigators apartment!!

Elder Bagley tried to take my chicken... I went full Hmong hahahaha. I am holding sugar cane by the way