Sunday, January 29, 2017

My Last Week at the MTC

Hey Y'all!!

      I decided to send this as a group email to a bunch of people and my mom will still post it on the blog. If you don't want it emailed to you, just let me know and I'll take you off the list :) Also if you see this on the blog and want to be added onto the list let me know!
      So I have one week left in the MTC! Saying goodbye to some members of my district who are leaving today and tomorrow. The rest of us are going to Fresno and leave next week Wednesday!! It will be way warmer in Fresno and I'm ok with that! 
      Also this week we had a bunch of new missionaries come into the MTC. Twenty-six new missionaries entered our zone! It's cool to meet all of them! The best part is putting blue Powerade in a mouthwash bottle and drinking it like it's nothing and them freaking out. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚The newer they are, the more they believe. 
      My companions and I are now the missionaries that have been in the MTC longer than anyone (other than the missionaries that serve all 2 years here in the online referral center). It gets repetitive sometimes but it comes with some perks! Last Sunday when we were all standing in the hallway waiting for the doors to open for choir practice and the devotional. Some of my friends and I climbed to the top of a flight of stairs and got the attention of all 400 missionaries waiting for the doors to open! We then proceeded to lead them in like 6-7 songs! They all listened to us thinking we had some sort of authority or something and it was so fun hahaha. 
      Anyways that's about all the interesting things that happened this week! Email me and send whenever! My address will change soon because I will be heading to Cali so watch for that! Hope everything back home is good! Miss y'all

   Elder Yskes 

Provo Temple

Monday, January 23, 2017

A Change in the MTC Presidency

Hey everyone!

      So this week we got a new MTC presidency! They spoke to us this Sunday and they all seem really nice. Also this week a lot of people came and left. 
      A new district of missionaries learning Mongolian came in last Wednesday. All of them have had at least 2 years of college experience so it's cool to talk to them about college stuff for when I get home. Also the missionaries learning Indonesian and Malaysian left yesterday. They were really awesome to get to know and they will be missed. Also, this week I saw my friend Elder Peterson. He came in last Wednesday and is learning Czechoslovakian, I believe. It was so good to see him. 
      Also, last Tuesday was so awesome. Because of the changing of MTC presidencies Elder Neil L. Anderson, a member of the quorum of the 12 apostles in our church leadership, spoke to us. Also, several other members of the church leadership attended. It was really neat. The best part was that my companion and I were sitting in the front row of the choir so after they spoke to us we got to shake all of their hands and talk to some of them! It was super neat. 
      I have two weeks left in the MTC. As I get closer to my departure date I wish more and more that I knew more of language, but it will all work out. When I get into the field I will have a companion who (hopefully) speaks good Hmong. I am excited to finally head to the field tho! Anyway, I hope everything back home is going well! 

   Elder Yskes 

 My name tag in Hmong

Everyone in our District got the same ring - "The Tree of Life"

Elder Lor Leaving

Monday, January 16, 2017

Goodbye to Elder Lor

Hey everyone!!!

      So this week not a ton happened. The language has been progressing a lot more lately. I am able to understand and speak a lot more in lessons now so that's good. 
      This morning Elder Lor, a Hmong Elder from Fresno, left to Anchorage, Alaska. He will be missed, but it was fun saying goodbye. Our district decided to take our mattresses and all sleep in his room! Hahaha it was so fun! Best sleepover of my life! 
      So I have 3 weeks left in the MTC! It feels like I have been here an eternity but I am learning sooooo much so it's ok. Also I am meeting tons of new people. Several of them will be going to school with me when I return home from my mission so that's exciting! I just can't wait to get out into the field tho! I hope everything back home is going well!

Elder Yskes 

Everyone in our District bought this ring.  It is the "Tree of Life"