Sunday, May 28, 2017

Baptism and Handmade Hmong Tie

May 15: So today we saw a paper that said Mother's Day was a pagan holiday of the devil! That was crazy!

May 16: Today we took in our car so we might be on bikes for a week! Bikes are fun! You just don’t get much work done. I was on exchanges today too so that was fun! 

May 17: Today we had zone conference. It is our mission presidents last normal zone conference. Next one it will be more of a transfer to the new Mission President. Our Mission President gave all of us medallions! They are to remind us of our Duty to God. He had them custom made and had artists make custom designs on them. It is crazy awesome! Also, the Assistants heard we didn't have a car and they like us so now we have a car!

May 18: Today was pretty normal. We taught people and did missionary things. 

May 19: Today I was given a HAND SEWN HMONG TIE!!!! It is crazy awesome! The member who gave it to me is the sweetest little old Hmong lady and the funniest person ever! So cool! Also, today we saw a car on fire on the highway! We didn't have time to take a picture because it was about to blow up and we didn't want to die

May 20: Today I was able to baptize our investigator Niou (pronounced No-Way)! It was the coolest experience every! The smile on his face when he came up out of the water was the happiest I have seen him, ever! Crazy awesome! He is so cool!

May 21: Today was church! That was really fun. We confirmed Niou a member of the church and had two other investigators there. Super cool!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Fake Bike Accident and the Elders go Nuts!!

May 9: Today was a pretty normal missionary day. We were able to go on splits with members and teach more people so that was fun!

May 10: Today we taught a ton of people. It was just lesson after lesson after lesson and it was super busy! That is good though because it means we are being good missionaries! We also were able to go visit one of our investigators in the hospital. Not the most fun thing to do but she recovered and was able to come to church on Sunday!
      Also, today one of our investigators taught us something cool! If you put a shiny silver coin in a hard-boiled egg and tie it to yourself and leave it for a few days the coin turns black and that means it sucked evil spirits and sickness out of your body! Cool huh! (picture below)

May 11: Today I got offered Weed!! People are so generous when they are high! Today we were on exchanges so I was able to bike around like a super Mormon all day! Way fun! The best part is when you are biking and people driving by and roll down their window and start yelling insults at you! It’s really funny hahaha. Also, this happened...

hahaha don't worry those are missionaries and they didn't hit me. The picture is just funny

May 12: So, there is a man whose mom we visit because she is a member. He works at some food place and so he gets to take nuts home from work. He gave us some of the extra nuts. We weighed them...
Pecans- 2.5lbs
Almonds- 20lbs
Pistachios- 26lbs -15 with shells and 11 pre-shelled! 

May 13: Today was a roller coaster! We went to a wedding and a funeral. Then after that we went and talked to our investigator who is getting baptized this Saturday! So, happy to sad to happy to super tired hahaha. Missionaries are always tired. We work so hard hahaha.

May 14: Today church was amazing! Mother’s Day is always good! We also had 6 investigators come to church total! Way cool! The Lord has been blessing us to meet awesome people all the time! It's amazing! 

Love y'all and hope everything is going great wherever you are!

-Elder Yskes

FaceTime on Mother's Day and Helping with Dishes on Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dinner with the Ensigns

May 2: So, today we were driving by some investigators apartments and looked over and the apartment complex across the street was being fumigated! The entire thing! crazy!

May 3: Car Crash! So, we went into a recent converts house, taught them a lesson and when we came out to our car it looked like this! Crazy! Other than that, it was a good day though! 

May 4: Today we went to the body shop to get estimates and found some investigators that are about a half hour away so we will have some driving to do in the coming weeks! Our investigators are super cool though!

May 5: Break in! So, we ate dinner with the Assistants at the Ensigns house today! Their daughter served with my brother in Italy! After dinner, we had to grab some stuff from the assistant’s house but they were on exchanges and didn't have a key so we broke in! We found an open window on the roof and realized we had a truck so we had a good idea! The pictures tell the story!

Me and Elder Quinn picking up Elder Bishop! 

 Dinner with the Ensigns

May 6: Real break in! So today we found out one of the Hmong men who we know is super sketchy broke into our 70-year-old investigators house, punched her, and trashed her house because one of her friends owed him money! Needless to say, she is going to testify in court against him next week!

May 7: Today we had Stake Conference! Our mission president spoke so that was super cool! We also went way out into the middle of nowhere to meet some people that live in the upstairs of a shack! (probably about 50 square feet) A member took us out there to meet them and it was a super good lesson! This week was super fun!

-Elder Yskes