Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Trip up to Turlock

This week was good! We found two new people to teach and they both came to church! It was super cool! Also, we went up to Turlock again today to continue to meet the new missionaries and make them feel included. It was super fun! For a while in Merced we were too far away from any missionaries to hang out but now that Modesto joined the mission we can have fun! It is awesome! This week We did a lot of service as well! We were able to help out at a retired Air Force base that is now a museum. We took some cool pictures in between projects. Overall It was a good week! Hope everyone else has a good one!

- Elder Yskes

Sunday, July 8, 2018


This week was fun! We had 2 baptisms! It was super exciting to see them progress. They have been loving church and loving the Gospel! This week there was also a new ”Preach my Gospel” released and we gained 3 zones from the Modesto mission! We spent preparation day going up to visit them so that was super fun! But that cuts time short so sorry for the short email! Love yall

Elder Yskes

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Exchanges this week

This week was good! We were able to teach a lot of members and build a lot of Ward trust. We had exchanges this week as well. I was able to go with a new Elder from Florida named Elder Corlew! He is so cool! He was baptized a year and a half ago so I have been a missionary longer than he has been a member! CRAZY! He is super fun! We have been having a fun time seeing investigators in our area progress. It is always a testimony builder to see people love the Gospel of Jesus Christ as soon as they are introduced to it! Anyways hope everyone has a good week!

- Elder Yskes 

Sunday, June 24, 2018

New Companion is Awesome

This week was super fun! Elder 'Iongi (E-ong-e) is my new companion. He is a Tongan from Bountiful, Utah. It has been really fun! We have been super busy and doing a lot of work. We had a cool experience this week. We saw some people pushing a car so we went and got them some gas and they were super cool! Also had a really good volleyball night with a lot of people. Also, our investigators Kou and Kiri are still planning on baptism on June 30th! We are so excited! We have definitely seen lots of blessings!!

- Elder Yskes 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Two Baptisms Scheduled!!

Tues: Today we had exchanges and were able to teach several lessons which was fun! The Zone Leaders apartment has a ping pong table so that was fun! 

Wed: Today we had some more good lessons. 

Thurs: This morning we did some service at a member’s house. Chopped down some trees with thorns all over them so that was fun. 

Fri: Today we were able to do service at the Zoo. That was really fun. The animals were super cool. We also had a lot of lessons and were really busy today which was good. We had our weekly Volleyball night as well which is always awesome! 

Sat: Today we had a bomb lesson with some of our investigators, 2 of which are planning on getting baptized near the end of this month. It is always exciting to see people come closer to Jesus Christ!

Sun: Today we found out that Elder Mendoza will be transferred to Fresno and I will get a new companion. My new companion is a really cool Elder named Elder I'ongi! I am excited! 

Love Yall have a nice week!! 

-Elder Yskes

Saturday, June 9, 2018

A Poem by Elder Yskes on Facebook

It was a good week this week 

Tuesday: Today I wrote a pretty cool poem and put it on Facebook! Check it out!

Wednesday: We had service this morning and got to watch the young men play basketball because one of our investigators came. 

Thursday: Today we helped someone move and ran out of miles on our car so we walked home hahaha. Every month we have a limit on miles and today we almost went over hahaha. 

Friday: Today we had a couple lessons and our YSA Volleyball that a couple investigators come to as well. 

Saturday: Today we cleaned the church and had a super good lesson with a family of investigators! They want to get baptized this month so we are very excited! 

Sunday: It was a good day at church and a lot of people came! We also went with a member to drop off cookies to a couple of people so that was fun! It was a good week!

-Elder Yskes

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Awesome Sunday!

Sorry everyone. It was a good week but time is short today. We had a family of 6 come to church this Sunday which was huge because we average about 30 to 40 at church. It was Awesome!