Saturday, October 14, 2017

Jose's Baptism

So, I forgot my journal and I don't remember what happened this week. It will work out though!

Wed: Elder Bagley and I didn't have a dinner appointment so we ate dinner at this doughnut Chinese food hamburger burrito place in the middle of the ghetto. It was super fun!

Fri: Today we drove by the Temple while visiting people. It is always super beautiful!

Sun: Today Jose got baptized! So did an 8 year old named Pao. It was super awesome. We have been working with Jose for a long time. He has been wanting to get baptized but was waiting on his parent's permission. After a lot of prayer, he was able to get permission and be baptized! It was awesome!!

Elder Bagley is going home and Elder Ellestad and my area is being split so we will both be getting a new companion on Thursday! It will be awesome!

Have a great week everyone! ​​​​​​​​
-Elder Yskes

Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Crayfish in Fresno???

Sep 26: Today we wanton an exchange with the assistants. It was fun. Also, one of our investigators finally got permission to be baptized after a month of prayers. It was awesome!

Sep 27: Today was crazy. We had so much stuff to do that we were driving around like crazy trying to get to everything. We saw a wild crayfish in the middle of Fresno. Pretty weird because Fresno is a desert with no water but hey, I'm not going to tell the crayfish that.

Sep 28: Today we had a super awesome dinner with some recent converts. We also taught a bunch of cool people!

Sep 29: Today I got to spend the day in an English area because of companion switch ups. It was super fun! Met a ton of awesome people!

Sep 30: General conference was awesome! Today we were able to listen to Prophets and Apostles teach us for 6 hours. It was super awesome!

Oct 1: Today we watched 4 more hours of amazing guidance to the whole church. Sadly, one of the Apostles passed away today but he will continue his post-mortal ministry in the spirit world! Death isn't the end! Today we also had some super awesome lessons. One member gave me an aloe plant. Pretty cool. An old Hmong guy told us we could marry his Grand-daughters so we could be his Son-in-laws. We explained to him how we can't do that as missionaries but at least we know he thinks we are cool! hahaha. Hmong people are awesome.

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Yskes

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Temple and Cafe Rio

Sep. 19: Today we were able to go to the Temple and Cafe Rio afterward. It was super fun!

Sep. 20: Today we had Zone Conference! It was super good! We also helped some people fry shrimp chips for a funeral for one of our members this weekend. It was super fun!

Sep. 21: Today was a pretty normal missionary day. 

Sep. 22: Another pretty normal day. 

Sep. 23: We went to a funeral for one of our members today. She was a super fun awesome older Hmong woman. She was very sick though so we know she is in a better place now. Also, we helped slaughter some chickens. It was pretty fun!

Sep. 24: Today church was super good. We had an awesome dinner with some members and their extended family.

-Elder Yskes

Cafe Rio

Shrimp Chips

Dead Chickens

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Fried Minnows, Rice and Green Eggs! Ugghhhh

Sep 12: Today there was a huge surprise party at the church for the Ward's Scoutmaster. It was crazy! There were a ton of people there and some that we hadn't met before so it was super cool!

Sep 13: Today was fun! We were able to teach people and do other missionary things! 

Sep 14: Today we met with one of the youth and started a Preach My Gospel class that we will start inviting all the Young Men to! 

Sep 15: Today we visited a lot of super cool people! We ended the night at a house with some super nice people who gave us some food! It was fried minnows (like fish), rice and green eggs! That is what color rotten eggs turn when you cook them! It was gross. But, we lived. 

Sep 16: Today was super busy with teaching a lot of people. We taught some recent converts who have pigeons so we got to feed them. It was super fun! 

Sep 17: Today the Ward had their Primary Program! It was super cool! The best part is that 4 of our investigators were part of the Primary Program hahaha! It was super cool! The Primary Program is when all the kids about aged 6-12 sing and stuff for the congregation. It is super cool! 
      We also went to the Hospital today to visit someone. It was pretty crazy because she was in isolation so we had to put on gloves and masks and gowns and stuff. Pretty sweet. 
      We also met a ton of super cool people today!

Have a good week y'all!

---Elder Yskes