Sunday, January 14, 2018

Transfers this Week

I forgot my journal and don't have very much time so sorry for the shorter email.

Transfers were this week. I got switched to the other side of Fresno and my companion will be Elder Israelsen but I am still in Pioneer Park. 

The area I am in now is a lot different dynamic than the other side of Fresno but it is still fun! 

This week we started contacting the couple hundred people we met at Hmong New Years. It is super fun! 

Not too much happened this week other than that. One of our investigators that has been investigating for about 8 months is progressing towards baptism so that is awesome! 

Our Bishop has become a lot more "missionary minded" over the last year. He has always been great to us missionaries but now he is going out of his way to help us to be the most effective that we can be so that is super super awesome to see.

Love yall!

-Elder Yskes

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Hmong New Year Celebration

Dec 24: Today we had our church Christmas program  It was really awesome! There was a lot of singing and such. It was super cool to hear the Christmas story in Hmong.

Dec 25: Christmas! Today I was able to Skype home! It was super exciting to see everyone! Also, today we were allowed to watch Moana! It was the first time I had ever seen it because it came out on my mission. It was super good though! 

Dec 26 - Jan 1: HMONG NEW YEAR!!!!!!!
      It was super awesome! We had a both at Hmong New Year where we talked to people about the church all day every day this week! We were able to learn a ton about the Hmong Culture and meet a lot of cool people! Overall, we got 252 referrals from people we met! Super exciting! 

Dec 31: New Years Eve was super fun too! We had a bonfire with our Zone and Mission President. It was fun! President told us transfers as well. I am staying in Fresno and will be companions with Elder Israelsen. It is going to be fun!  

Love Yall!! 

-Elder Yskes

Monday, January 1, 2018

Yosemite, Christmas, Zone Conference and Hmong New Year

So, last week we went to Yosemite so I didn't have time to email everyone. This week is Hmong New Year and Christmas so our preparation day got moved to today, Saturday. so, this email will be for the last week and a half.

Dec 12: Today we went to the Temple! It was an awesome trip! I love the Temple so much! 

Dec 13: We had our Christmas Zone Conference! It was super fun! We had a Sing-a-long and I got dressed up as a Christmas tree (My district leader was the angle on top hahahaha) and we did a gift exchange. Most fun Zone Conference ever! 

Dec 14: Today was awesome! We were able to teach a lot of people and a member took us out to eat at Olive Garden. It was sweet! 

Dec 15: We helped set up for our Ward Christmas party tomorrow and we taught some more people. 

Dec 16: Today we went to 2 Christmas parties! One was at a refugee service place. We volunteered at the party and it was super fun and we were able to meet a lot of Hmong people. We also went to our Church Christmas party. It was super awesome! A lot of people came and there were super cool performances like Hmong Dance and music and stuff. 

Dec 17: Today we had church! It was awesome except Elder Isrealsen got sick so we had to take turns staying home to watch him so I wasn't able to go out and teach too many people but we still got out and we had an investigator at church so it was awesome! 

Dec 18: Today we went to Yosemite National Park!!! It was super fun! My mom will post some pictures of it up on the Blog so check that out! 

Dec 19: Today we got a new missionary! His name is Elder Strong! He will be in a tripanionship with Elder Hinckley and I! It is super fun and exciting! President Mackay took us all out to eat at an Asian restaurant. It was pretty fun introducing President to the stuff we eat on a daily basis hahaha.  

Dec 20: Today was an awesome day! We were able to do a lot of missionary work! It was awesome! 

Dec 21: Today was super fun! A recent convert sang us some Thai Karaoke. That was pretty interesting. A member also took us out to Red Robin so that was awesome! 

Dec 22: Today we set up our Hmong New Year’s booth! It looks awesome! It was a ton of work but Hmong New Years is next week so we are super pumped! 

I will send pictures next week. Have a Merry Christmas everyone! 

-Elder Yskes


Christmas Watching Moana

Zone Conference

Hmong New Year