Sunday, September 24, 2017

Fried Minnows, Rice and Green Eggs! Ugghhhh

Sep 12: Today there was a huge surprise party at the church for the Ward's Scoutmaster. It was crazy! There were a ton of people there and some that we hadn't met before so it was super cool!

Sep 13: Today was fun! We were able to teach people and do other missionary things! 

Sep 14: Today we met with one of the youth and started a Preach My Gospel class that we will start inviting all the Young Men to! 

Sep 15: Today we visited a lot of super cool people! We ended the night at a house with some super nice people who gave us some food! It was fried minnows (like fish), rice and green eggs! That is what color rotten eggs turn when you cook them! It was gross. But, we lived. 

Sep 16: Today was super busy with teaching a lot of people. We taught some recent converts who have pigeons so we got to feed them. It was super fun! 

Sep 17: Today the Ward had their Primary Program! It was super cool! The best part is that 4 of our investigators were part of the Primary Program hahaha! It was super cool! The Primary Program is when all the kids about aged 6-12 sing and stuff for the congregation. It is super cool! 
      We also went to the Hospital today to visit someone. It was pretty crazy because she was in isolation so we had to put on gloves and masks and gowns and stuff. Pretty sweet. 
      We also met a ton of super cool people today!

Have a good week y'all!

---Elder Yskes

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hmong Parties are Fun!

Sep 5: Pretty normal missionary day.

Sep 6: Said bye to our recent convert Jolie as she will be heading up to BYUI tonight.

Sep 7: Today we had interviews with our Mission President. We talked a lot about family history and temple work. 

Sep 8: Another pretty normal missionary day. 

Sep 9: Today was super busy. We had a funeral for an investigator's dad to go to. Then we had a couple other party time things Hmong people have because they are a good place to meet members extended families so we can teach them in the future. 

Sep 10: Church was super good today. Our tripanionship sang in sacrament. It was fun. Also, were able to have a lot of people we are teaching come to church so that was cool!

-Elder Yskes

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Another Baptism and a Trip to Auberry

Another transfer down! So, Elder Bagley will be coming back to be in a tripanionship with Elder Ellestad and I next transfer! Fun!

August 23: Met a super cool new investigator today!

August 22: Today we visited and taught a lot of members. Super fun!

August 23: Today we set a baptismal date for our investigator Jose! He is planning on getting baptized September 10th!

August 24: Pretty normal day today. 

August 25: Today we set a baptismal date with the investigator we met on Monday! This one isn't as solid but we will see what happens. 

August 26: Today we helped a set of Senior Couple missionaries move into Auberry. It is a town in the foothills about a half hour North East of Clovis which is where we are at. (Clovis borders Fresno, their downtowns are about 15-20 minutes apart). It was super fun to drive up there because we took windy mountain roads all the way up! The hills were a beautiful gold color the whole way up. Super Cool! Fresno is completely flat! I mean there are absolutely no hills at all. So, to be able to see beautiful hills like that was amazing! (forgot my camera though...)
      We met that investigator’s brother today and he wants to get baptized too! Sweet! They are super cool. They are 13 and 15 and will totally come to church if we can introduce them to people at church so they aren't alone. 

August 27: Today was church! Always the best day of the week. Had some awesome lessons today! 

-Elder Yskes