Sunday, March 11, 2018

Multiple Exchanges This Week

Tues: Today I was on exchanges with Elder Hinckley! It was super fun! We went way out into the boonies to a couple small towns looking for Hmong people. We found a good size population of Hmong people but they are all related and have super super traditional shaman beliefs and wouldn't listen to us. Oh well! It was fun!

Wed: Today we did a Temple walk around tour with an investigator. It was super fun because she is Buddhist and wanted to see what one of our temples looked like. It was pretty cool!

Thurs: Today we went on exchanges again so I was with Elder Royce today. We had some pretty cool lessons and were able to meet some Lao people who are members of the church. Some were visiting to Utah and others lived here in Fresno but just weren't active in church. It was a good time and we were able to tell them about the Lao congregation and refer them to those missionaries.

Fri: Today we went on ANOTHER exchange. So, I was with Elder Ikimau in the Heritage YSA area. It was pretty fun. We went around and met a couple families and taught some people so that was good! Also, I was given the opportunity to interview their investigator and give him the approval for baptism! It was pretty cool! He will get baptized tomorrow!

Sat: Today we met a guy who was drunk and high. He said if we drank and smoked weed with him he would listen to us or if he got super super high he would be open to our message. We left. Hahaha. It was funny.

Sun: Church was super good today! We had a lot of good testimonies and the classes were very good. We also had a super good lesson with some investigators and their son is planning on coming out to activities this Tuesday. It will be fun!

Love yall! Have a good week!

Elder Yskes

Picture of missionaries sitting outside waiting to email because the doors are locked. Notice Elder Isrealsen in a tree.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Xeu Fang was Baptized!!!

Tues: Went to a Ghetto place for dinner. A homeless man was growling and roaring like a lion because they wouldn't give him free food. Sick! the food was pretty good though.

Wed: Went on an exchange with Elder Strong today! It was a super good day as well! We were able to teach a lot of lessons and had a super good productive day. 

Thurs: Today we had interviews with our Mission President. It was good! He is really pushing for every companionship to baptize in March so next month should be a good one! Also, we were making a baptismal program for this Saturday. After we spent an hour making it. I accidentally deleted the whole thing... My companion laughed at me. Oh well. 

Fri: Today we had dinner with our Bishop and it was super good! Then an older Hmong man explained to us that the signs in the Bible preceding the second coming actually mean the whole world is going to have hydrogen bombs dropped on it. Sick! hahaha. It was pretty funny.  

Sat: TODAY XEU FANG WAS BAPTIZED!! It was super cool! Elder Israelsen and I started teaching her about a month and a half ago. Her husband is a member and is super excited that she was baptized. 

Sun: Today a druggie walked into church. Elder Israelsen and I were talking to him. He like half fell out of his chair twice and screamed "I'M DEAD!" He told us 8 lights guided him to the church building. We had him leave. Hahaha. Crazy people. 

Anyways hope y'all have good lives!

-Elder Yskes

Robert, Xeu, Elder Isrealsen and Me

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Rob Qeei and Elder Strong's Birthday

So, I forgot my journal so I will do the best I can to recap the week!

So, this week we visited a lot of people! One guy let me play his Rab Qeej, a really cool Hmong instrument. They use it for a lot of Hmong ceremonies and stuff. The ceremony it is most used for is at a funeral. It is played in a swinging motion and sometimes they dance and they use it to guide the deceased person's spirit to the next life. Pretty cool!

Also, it was Elder Strong's birthday so we decorated his wall. It was fun. 

On Saturday, we saw a huge ghetto party with like 150 people blocking a whole street so we weren't able to get to our appointment. That was a bummer. 

Yup not too much else happened. We were able to find some new investigators and we have one investigator who plans to be baptized soon so that is exciting! Hope everyone has a good week!

Also, the last picture is of a Hmong door. Not too sure what the goat horns are for but the knives kill evil spirits as they try to come inside so that is helpful. 

-Elder Yskes