Saturday, November 11, 2017

White Guys at the Hmong New Year

Halloween: It was super fun! We weren't allowed to proselyte so we hung out at a member's house. It was super fun.

Nov 1: Today was fun! We were able to have a bunch of lessons. 

Nov 2: Today we had exchanges. I was with Elder Ellestad for the day. It was super fun. We visited like half a million people so it was fun! 

Nov 3: Today we had to do a ton of planning. We are starting to get ready for Hmong New Year so we are excited. We have a booth there where we will talk to a ton of people because everyone will want to see the white guys that speak Hmong. 

Nov 4: Today we went to a couple parties. One of them was basically a party celebrating their new born. It was super fun. We also went to a birthday party. We also had a super awesome lesson with someone who committed to coming to church!

Nov 5: Our friend we had the lesson with yesterday came to church today! It was awesome!

Hope everyone has a good week! 

-Elder Yskes

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Preparing for Hmong New Year Celebration

Oct 24: Had a meeting at the mission office this morning. It was pretty good. Went out and taught some people. Had an awesome Missionary Correlation Meeting and subsequent meeting with the Bishop.

Oct 25: Had some lessons. Saw a ton of cops. They had recently tazed and arrested a meth addict. Pretty crazy. Also got some new tires on the car. 

Oct 26: Had an awesome lesson with an investigator. After we taught him he thanked us because we taught him things he had never even heard of before. It was awesome! Also had Dinner with one of our favorite Niam Tais (what we call older Hmong ladies. Basically, Hmong Grandmas). She is super funny and she is just the best. 

Oct 27: Had to stay in most of the day because my fingertips got burned pretty bad while cooking. Pretty annoying. Got 2nd degree burns because a plate fell off the counter and the steaming food stuck to my hand when I caught it. Struggles. We were still able to go out at night and have a couple lessons though so it was good. 

Oct 28: Ran over a piece of metal. Blew one of the tires we bought 3 days ago. Bummer.

Oct 29: Awesome Sunday. Sundays are always the busiest because there is so much to do. They are still the best though! Also, we got some more Hmong clothes! My Hmong New Year’s outfit is coming together!!

Love ya!!! Have a good week!

Elder Yskes

Missionary Training

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Halloween Party

Oct 17: Today was a good day. Got to go teach some people. Went on a split with some of the Young Men. It was fun.

Oct 18: Today was another awesome day. Taught people and did other missionary stuff. 

Oct 19: Today we had interviews with our Mission President. They were good. Afterwards we taught some more people.

Oct 20: Today we went out and invited a ton of people to the Halloween party tomorrow. We invited a ton of people and then set up the decorations.

Oct 21: Today was a super long day! We ran a 5K this morning. The church put on a 5K to help support Prescription Drug Abuse awareness. We also had the Church Halloween party today. A TON of people came out. It was super good to see a ton of people who have never been to church before and those who haven't come in a long time make it out for the party. It was way cool.

Oct 22: I almost fell asleep translating during church today hahaha. I was wiped out from yesterday and the program was in all English because of some guest speakers. So, I had to talk for 40 minutes non-stop at one point translating. It is tiring hahaha. It is always fun to translate though! 

Have a Great Week everyone! 
-Elder Yskes