Sunday, May 20, 2018

Mother's Day Wishes

Tues: today was a good day! Had several lessons and it is always good to be able to teach. Wen to the address of someone who asked to meet with us and it was a prison...That was interesting

Wed: Today we did some service which was super fun. We also had interviews with our mission President which was good. 

Thurs: Today we had a few lessons and some good contacts.

Fri: This morning we had an awesome lesson and this evening we had our branch Volleyball night which was fun as always! 

Sat: Today was a good one! We went to a wedding at noon and the husband got baptized at 6! Super exciting! 

Sun: Happy Mothers day to everyone! I was able to Skype my family which was super fun! 

-Elder Yskes

Monday, May 14, 2018

Back to Fresno for a Baptism

May 1: First day outside of Fresno! I got transferred up to Merced! Here we cover half an English Ward and a Hmong Branch. It has been super fun so far. All the members are super pumped to do missionary work and we are excited to help!

May 2: Had a bunch of lessons meeting different members and investigators. Also did some service for the Salvation Army. That was fun! 

May 3: Did some service for some members then had a few more lessons getting to know people. 

May 4: Today we were able to go give someone a blessing in the hospital. Always good to help others. We also had our Branch volleyball night and we were able to get some people out so that was good! 

May 5: Today I was able to go back to Fresno to see a baptism of the sister of one of my recent converts! She just turned 8 a couple weeks ago so it was exciting to see her decide to get baptized. 

May 6: Today we had a lot of church hahaha. Covering the Ward and the Branch means we are at the church from 8:30 in the morning to 2:00. So, a lot of church but it is a lot of fun. Afterwards we were privileged to be able to take the Sacrament to a couple people. It was a super good experience to be able to bless the sacrament. Haven't been able to do that in a while. 

As promised here are some pictures from last week! Some from the zoo and one from last week’s baptism and one from this week’s baptism. 

-Elder Yskes

Note: I wasn't able to download the pictures Ian sent so I will do that when I can get the pictures. Janet

Monday, May 7, 2018

Transfer to Merced

So, we are at the zoo right now! Don't have too much time to email. Will send pictures next week. 

This week we did a few fun things. We helped the Red Cross install fire alarms door to door. We installed 25 fire alarms in about 2 hours. We also had a mini missionary come out with us for a day. It was our Bishop’s son. He is preparing to go on a mission so he spent the day with us to see what missionary life is like. 

      We had a baptism on Saturday as well! Ntxawm was someone Elder Bagley and I started teaching a year ago! It was so cool to see her finally enter into the waters of baptism. 

      THIS WEEK I AM GOING TO GET TRANSFERED. I have spent all my mission in the ward I am in right now. It will be weird. I will be transferred to a small Hmong branch in Merced. It will be a change. It was sad to say goodbye to all the wonderful people I have met. I shed some tears saying goodbye to some of my favorite members. They will be missed. 

      Today we are at the zoo and it is super fun! I will send some updates about it next week!

Elder Yskes

Steve and his wife

Sunday, April 29, 2018


April 17: We went farming again today! It was super fun! then we had our weekly missionary meeting.

April 18: This morning we sung at a Hmong funeral. We sang “Nearer my God to Thee” in Hmong. It was super fun!

April 19: Today we had lunch with former Elder Biggs who came back into town to visit. It was pretty fun! Then we went on exchanges for the day so I was with Elder Hinckley. It was cool to be able and go back and teach some of the people I used to teach. 

April 20: Today was a pretty normal missionary day. Our investigator was interviewed in preparation for their baptism tomorrow, so that was exciting! 

April 21: Today our investigator Ntxawm was baptized! We are super excited for her! It was an amazing experience! 

April 22: Today Ntxawm received the Gift of the Holy Ghost! It was a good day at church. After church, we had a couple really good visits with some members of the church that come and some that don't. Overall a really good week! 

Here are some pictures from the Baptism!

-Elder Yskes

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Armed with Smartphones!!

April 10th: This morning we went farming. It was really fun. We helped plant lemongrass  After that we went and taught some lessons. We then went over to the church and had a barbecue so that was pretty fun!

April 11th: Today was pretty crazy! We got our smartphones so now we can have better communication with those were teaching and have access to Facebook. It is pretty weird being back in the real world but we will figure it out.

April 12th: Today was a pretty normal missionary day. Went around trying to teach people and ended up having a really good lesson with a family. When we left the dad was just watching random Mormon Messages so that was cool!

April 13th: Today was really good! We were able to get a couple members out teaching with us so we had some really good lessons. One with an investigator, and one with a less active family.

April 14th: Today was a really busy day. We started off doing some landscaping at our Bishop’s house and then went to a party and met a whole bunch of family members of one of the members in our ward. They challenged us to basketball but we won so it was good! We ended the night visiting someone who lives way out in the middle of nowhere. They had just shot two pigs and we went to go look at them. It was right next to a chicken fighting ring! It was pretty sweet! Hahaha 

April 15th:  Church was really good tonight. Some of the people we are teaching came so that was really cool. After church, we went to the hospital and gave the daughter of one of the families we are teaching a blessing. It was really good. After dinner, an investigator family invited us over for a BBQ. Then we ended the night teaching our Recent Convert. It was really good! It is exciting to see the progress of people. 

Took a couple selfies of some of our friends and of service. Also, one of Elder Israelsen kissing a frog at the Children's hospital. 

-Elder Yskes

Saturday, April 14, 2018

11,400 Eggrolls!!!

April 3: Had a couple lessons today then had our MCM meeting.

April 4: Contacted some cool people today. Had a lesson as well so that was good. 

April 5: We went door knocking today. It was pretty fun! We met some cool people and not as many wackos as normal so that was good! After that we visited some members and a couple people I used to teach. It was good! 

April 6: Had a couple more lessons with some people who will probably come out to church this week. Also helped cut vegetables in preparation for the Eggroll fundraiser the youth group will be doing tomorrow. When we were cutting onions, they brought in pizza and after the prayer on the food every single person in the room was crying because it hurt to close your eyes after cutting the onions. It was pretty funny! 

April 7: Today we had our annual Eggroll fundraiser! We made 11,400 Eggrolls!!! It was insane! It was super fun too! It was raining so we had like 10 pop up canopies covering the deep fryers so they wouldn't explode hahaha. Pretty funny! 

April 8: Church today was good! Had a good turn out and saw a couple people who moved about 8 or 9 months ago so that was cool! They came back to visit. It is pretty crazy that I have been in the same ward for this long but hey it is fun! 

Hope y'all have a good week! 

-Elder Yskes

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Hard Boiled Baby Chicks Appetizers - DISGUSTING

March 21: We had a ton of lessons today! It was fun to be teaching a lot. We had a lesson with a member and his wife who recently switched to Christianity from Shamanism. We taught them with 5 members of the Ward including the Bishop. We basically talked about how in the beginning when the world was created God gave power to Adam so he would be stronger than Satan. Pretty interesting way to help them leave the Demon worship stuff behind. It seemed to work really well though!

March 22: Today we took some new missionaries who flew in yesterday out street contacting! It is super fun to see someone who has never taught the Gospel before just walk up and be like "Hey! We teach about Jesus!" Hahaha it is super fun. 

March 23: Today was pretty fun! President Mackay came over for a little bit to talk about our area. It was pretty fun! Then a member made us Squirrel for dinner! They didn't skin it so it was pretty not good but we lived! 

March 24: Today we headed out to the Vineyard! We tied the grape vines up to the wires so when they grow they don't rot. Then we had our Ward Easter Party. It was super fun! Several of the people we are teaching came out so that was awesome. There were several activities that were fun but the most intense was "Watch people eat hard boiled developed chicken eggs!" So, they had us white guys crack open some eggs and inside was a hard-boiled baby chick. Wings, feathers, bones and all! Three of the 4 of us ate it. I swallowed it but it didn't stay in my stomach for very long hahaha. They thought it was pretty funny to see a shite guy throw up some nasty baby chick so they had a good time. I, on the other hand, don't think I will be doing that again!

March 25: Today was a pretty good day! Sunday's are always the best! Church is always fun in Hmong! We were able to contact some pretty cool people after church. One of them was an Old Hmong Lady who was teaching us what kind of vegetables you can and can't eat during different seasons of the year. It was pretty interesting. 

Well hope everyone has a good week! 

-Elder Yskes