Sunday, March 26, 2017

10,300 Eggrolls, A Dead Chicken and A Wild Cat

Monday, March 13:  Taught a member who had a Detroit Lions picture in his house. We talked a little about football because he roots for the wrong team  Hahaha

Tuesday, March 14: Today we met someone who was in the Kong clan! I told everyone in the MTC I would meet a koo (that is Kong in Hmong) but none of them believed me.

Wednesday, March 15: I don't know if any of you remember the week one story of the bloody pigeon but today I found out it lived!!! Also, I heard stories about how in Laos during Hmong funerals (which can sometimes go on for a week or two) sometimes the body rots so much that it explodes due to gas buildup during the funeral!!!!!! That would be so nasty!!!!! 

Thursday, March 16: Today we were trying to find the Koo woman we met earlier in the week. She told us apartment 201 but there were 5 apartment 201s in the complex.... Anyway, while we were walking we heard a voice calling out of a window. A little old Hmong women called us over. She was sick and her son was having some problems. We prayed with her and she started crying. It was an amazing experience because we made her so happy.
      Later today we met a family in the street of a man we sometimes talk to. He was going through some issues and it was really hard on him. As we were walking to our car he came up the street. He was super drunk and way upset. We were able to talk to him a little bit and the result was he threw his beer can down and hugged his daughter. It was really scary but I think it was successful. 

Friday, March 17: Today we were able to finally teach Neng Kang! She is the sweet old Hmong lady who is a member of our church but has no way to get to church because of her lack of a ride. We always stop by her house because she lives next to a ton of other Hmong people that we go visit. We just usually can't teach her because she is usually alone and missionary rules say there has to be a man home for you to be able to enter a home. Today her son was home! She was the happiest person in the world because we were able to teach her today! It was way fun!

Saturday, March 18: EGGROLLS AND MIRACLES!! Today we were able to help out with the Hmong Wards annual youth fundraiser. They make and sell eggrolls. Today they made 10,300 eggrolls!! It was way fun. Also, this week we have really been lead to meet people God has wanted us to meet but this one was by far the coolest. Our plans were falling through and we weren't having much success but we felt like we should go visit a less active member. When we got to the house there was a woman walking her dog with her daughters. We went up and talked to her a little about the dog and about our message. She had met missionaries before and was fine with talking with us but not too interested in our message. As we were talking with her a man and his daughter came up to us on their bike and asked if missionaries could come to their house that night because they were going through a family crisis. We got their information and sent them off as a referral (They weren't Hmong so the English Elders taught them). We found out later that night from the Elders that met them that the family had been praying for a way to get closer to God because of an issue their daughter was having. The mother was a non-active member of the church so because of this they had started and continued doing family home evening a month ago! (a family night the church encourages us to do to strengthen family relationships, ask my mom if you want a better description) All of them committed to come to church the next day. I haven't been able to ask the Elders if they went to church but from hearing what we did I know that we were an answer to that family's prayers just by being on that sidewalk at that exact time. If we had come five minutes earlier or later we would have missed them. We truly were led by God to be there at that time.
       Also, today we were teaching a lesson and a super loud screech/scream came out of the kitchen. I thought someone was dying. Looked over and two Hmong women were slitting a chicken’s throat and bleeding it out! Crazy!! Also, lots of blood...

Sunday, March 19: Today was Church! Always fun. Today we were able to sit down with Susan Kong (the women we met earlier). She is a Packer fan!!! It was way cool that this woman who doesn't speak English was cheering and yelling “PACKERS” when she found out I was a Packer fan. (She used to live in Green Bay) She is an awesome old Hmong woman. Her husband died in Laos fighting in the Vietnam war for the US. (The US secretly recruited the Hmong to fight the Vietnamese in Laos to prevent them from getting supplies. The Hmong people dislike communism and love the US so they agreed.) She has had a hard life but she is really nice and she gave us mangos so that was awesome! She was super happy we could meet with her and it made my day because she is awesome!
      Also, a wild cat showed up on our back porch. (pictures)

-Elder Yskes

Eggroll fundraiser

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Three People Committed to Baptism and Our "Special Ops Missionary"

Tues March 7: TodayI was able to serve with elder Biggs for a few hours due to meetings our companions had. Three people committed to be baptized on specific dates today! It was crazy

Wed March 8: Typical missionary day. Met some people and taught some lessons.

Thurs March 9: Today we met some people in front of their house and they had a bunch of puppies! It was way cool because they live right in front of the National Guard base and while we were there talking with them three fighter jets took off right on top of us!!!

Fri March 10: We received a "special ops missionary" today!! Brother Pass is a high school senior who was a missionary with us for three days. He already has his missionary papers turned in. He came with us to see what the life of a missionary is like. He doesn't speak Hmong so he was struggling sometimes hahaha but it’s okay!

Sat March 11: Today we met an AMAZING woman named oo vaj (ong vang)! We knocked on a potential investigators house and they said they didn't believe in God but she knew someone who did. She walked us over to her aunt's (ong vang) house. Ong was so happy to see us. She told us she believed in God and loved Him so much. She was so happy that we could read scriptures with her (she can’t read) and teach her about God that she started crying in joy. It was an amazing experience.

Sun March 12: We met a Vietnam war veteran today! He is an older Hmong man who fought for the CIA in their secret military operation in Laos. He would fight the Vietnamese supply routes in Laos during the Vietnam War in order to help the US. This was extremely dangerous because all Hmong people who helped the US were hunted down and murdered even up until the early 2000's. He was able to flee to the US through the UN. It was super cool to hear all his stories!!

-Elder Yskes

A member brought us Panda Express

Our Special Ops Missionary

Friday, March 10, 2017

Interesting Visit with a Vietnam Vet

Tues. Feb. 28: Today not a ton happened. We focused a lot on finding and were able to find another investigator.

Wed March 1: Today was a super fun day. We had a ton of lessons and were able to meet a lot of people. I have come to find out that traditional Hmong families have a TON of people who live with them. Today we went to the house of someone we met at Hmong New Years. There was her, about 6 of her kids and 4 were married and most had kids. So, there was about 25 people living in the house and I am not even exaggerating. It’s crazy.

Thurs March 2: I have just been noticing lately how much we have been able to meet people and teach as we have focused on following the Holy Spirit and finding people. It has been amazing. 

Fri March 3: Today we met a super awesome man named Xyooj Yaj (xiong yang in english). He fought with the US in the Vietnam war as a "Kicker." He would kick ammunition and such out of the back of C-130 Jets down to troops on the ground. It was super cool to hear his stories. 
      Also, today we were walking away from a house of some people we met at Hmong New Years and their neighbors were outside so we decided to go talk to them. One was about 22 and was smoking and his about 14-year-old younger brother was there too. We tried talking to them but they didn't want to talk to us so we walked away. As we walked away the 14-year-old pulled a gun out of his pants to readjust it. Pretty sketchy but he wasn't threatening us so its ok. Hahaha 
Sat March 4: Today we met with a few people who we thought might want to start investigating the Church. It was super cool to meet all these people and talk to them about the church.

Sun March 5: Today was church. Not going to lie, church with white people is not as fun as a Hmong Ward. Church is always fun but with Hmong people it is better. Hahaha

Just some pictures to make you all jealous because I am in Fresno, California and you aren't.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!
-Elder Yskes 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Baptism!!

Tuesday Feb 21: Today we had a really awesome dinner with a member so I took a picture of it!

Wed. Feb 22: Today was my first ever Zone Conference! I learned a lot! We talked about different ways we can find people who want to learn about our church! Also, all the Elders wearing Hmong ties took a picture together! 

Thurs. Feb 23: Today I was on exchanges so I was with Elder King for the day. It was really fun and tested my Hmong skills because we had some lessons with people who only speak Hmong and Elder King only speaks English hahaha. Really fun though!

Friday Feb 24: Today we met with someone who used to be an investigator but never got baptized. She was super glad we came because she said she really wants to get nearer to God! It was super awesome to meet her and we will continue to teach her more about God to help her out.     

Saturday Feb 25: TODAY ONE OF OUR INVESTIGATORS AND HER DAUGHTER GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!!!! Seeing the changes and joy coming unto Christ brings someone is the greatest thing ever. You can see their joy in life shoot through the roof and it is so amazing to be a part of that!

 Sunday Feb 26: Today we confirmed Shirley (Mom) and Madelyn (daughter) members of the church. I could feel the Holy Spirit so strongly as we did this. For those of you who don't know what this is its kinda hard to explain so look it up on as either confirmation or the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Overall it was a super awesome week! It hasn't been very warm here but it should start to heat up pretty quickly. It has been raining so much and there is water everywhere but not much flooding in my part of California so don't worry about me. Anyways I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

I will send another email with assorted pictures from this week!

-Elder Yskes

Some flowers I saw that looked cool

We were walking around some apartments and a wild chicken was chilling on a fence

I decided to pet it. Don't judge my eyes hahaha