Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hmong Gathering

August 1: Today we had exchanges! It was super fun! It is always super fun to go into English areas! Especially when the neighbor of the people you are talking to threatened the Elders with a shotgun last time! hahaha

August 2: Today we made cookies! We then brought them to one of our investigators who recently got married! She is going to be baptized soon, hopefully! 

August 3: Had lunch with a super cool Samoan member today. His wife is Hmong so he is still in our ward. He is so cool! 

August 4: We were driving to an investigators house and saw a bunch of cops so we figured we would go street contacting. Turns out there had been a drive by shooting within the last hour or so! Sweet! Also gave a referral to the English Elders of someone who said they wanted to get baptized. Pretty cool. Also got to see a real CSI truck for the first time! (It came to check out the shooting) Pretty cool!

August 5: Today was HMONG GATHERING!! There were some SWEET Hmong dances. The longest one was about a half-hour and depicted the Hmong people in Laos and their life before the war. It then went into the war and their exile to America. They then met some Mormon Elders, joined the church, and went to the Temple! Super cool!

August 6: Today we met a bunch of people at church from other parts of California who came down for the Hmong Gathering! Super cool. Also had 5 investigators at church so it was pretty cool to see all of them! The Lord is definitely pushing his work forward in the CFM! It is awesome to see it happen! 

-Elder Yskes

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

So Much Teaching and a Little Bit of Farming

July 25: We went around gauging interest because we might begin teaching English classes!

July 26: We have been super busy lately with combining the areas. It is sweet! We were able to have a really cool experience today. We taught a recent convert family and their relatives were over. In that house, there were 7 people who had been baptized within the last year!! Super Cool!! It is amazing what the blessings of missionary service bring!

July 27: We found out today that one of the investigators Elder Bagley and I taught, who we had given to the YSA Elders to teach because she graduated, got married! Now I get to teach her again! What's cooler, her husband is a member! Amazing!

July 28: Today we went farming! There are some members who couldn't make it to church because they had too much farming to do so we went and helped them out. Got a few blisters but they will be able to come to church this week so it was worth it!

July 29: Just another super busy day!

July 30: Church this week was crazy! There are tons of things going on this week, someone is leaving on his mission, the wedding just happened, and there is a huge Hmong event this Saturday for the church so there was about 100 more people at church than normal. Pretty awesome though! 

-Elder Yskes

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Transfers, a New Companion and Teaching the Hmong to Ride the Bus

July 18: Transfers were today! Elder Ellestad (who was in the MTC with me) and I are companions! We are super excited! We are the only set of Hmong Elders in Fresno! This means we have a lot of people we are teaching and a HUGE area! We are super excited though! We are now on a late schedule so our curfew is later at night so we can do more teaching. Also, today, we were able to go give a blessing to a pregnant member of our ward. She had the baby a few hours later! Super cool!

July 19: Today we had a TON of teaching appointments! It was super fun though! Having the number of people to teach basically double is super sweet; it just means you have a lot more work to do!

July 20: Today was the same as yesterday. 

July 21: This week has been crazy! We have had so many lessons it feels like a month has gone by! We have also gotten 7 member referrals to go teach people so far, this week. It is crazy how much the Lord blesses your area when you work with the members of the ward you are serving in!

July 22: Today there was a big sewing activity at church to make blankets for local children's Hospitals and stuff. It was super fun. We also helped a guy push his car off the road after several hoses in his engine blew up from over-heating - struggles of triple digit temperatures. 

July 23: Today we rode the bus to take three old Hmong women who can't drive to church. There are a lot more that want to come and the end goal is to teach these people how to ride the bus so they can take people to church in the future. It seems to be working super good so far! The work is going awesome here in Pioneer Park!!

-Elder Yskes

Sewing Service Project