Saturday, July 8, 2017

New Mission President

June 27: Today we talked to our investigator about his baptism this Saturday! He is excited and everything is good to go. His name is Golden and he is 15. His father and brother also want to get baptized but they don't know when. Also, today I sewed my first Hmong tie! It looks super sweet. I forgot to take a picture of it though. sorry.

June 28: Today was Zone conference! Tomorrow President and Sister Clark go home. It is sad but we are excited to meet President and Sister Mackay!! Also, we got a text from Golden today saying his family is going on vacation! Sweet! Baptism will be pushed back a week. No big deal just gotta switch a few things around. 

June 29: Today was just a regular missionary day. 

June 30: Another pretty regular missionary day.

July 1: Same old same old

July 2: Church was pretty sweet today! Lots of people came and we had super cool 4th of July songs!

-Elder Yskes

Hope everyone has a good fourth of July!!

New Mission President and Fresno, Fresno East, Fresno North, Fresno West, Merced Zones

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