Monday, July 17, 2017

Happy Birthday to Me!!

July 11: today was a solid Birthday! Went to 7-11 for free Slurps twice. Also did a lot of missionary work. Pretty sweet!

July 12: So today we got a random call from a Niam Tais (Hmong word for a Hmong woman) who made us lunch and was like " I think you all are hungry so come over and eat!" So, we had a member make us lunch and dinner! The members here feed us all the time and help us out a lot. It is super cool! 

July 13: Today Elder Baconawa was on his way to a wedding of one of the investigators he taught in his old area. They were stopped at a red light and someone crashed into them! Wrecked the car and they had to be towed back. They are okay though. I was going around with a member doing missionary work. Even though we had to bail on our plans and go deal with a car accident we still got missionary work done! Always a good thing. 

July 14: Today we rode the Bus!! Met some super crazy people! It was fun though. We have some investigators who can't drive so we are going to teach them how to ride the bus! We rode it today to get familiar with the routes! Hopefully it works out! 

July 15: Today we got transfer calls. Elder Baconawa will be leaving but we don't know where yet. 

July 16: Today Elder King and I rode the Bus to church! (Elder Baconawa had a meeting) We were able to take an investigator and a member to church on the bus. It was super fun. Took about an hour and a half but was worth it! 

Everything is going good here in the CFM! Miss you all and hope everything is going well!

-Elder Yskes

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