Monday, July 17, 2017

Happy 4th of July

July 4: Today was super fun! We met our new Mission President and his wife. They are super awesome! We also were able to hang out with some recent converts and YSA for Independence Day! Way fun! (in the pictures, it is apple juice, not beer)

July 5 -7: Pretty Normal missionary days. Not too much that is interesting happened. 

July 8: Today was my companions Birthday! Yay him! He is 21! Also, we saw a house catch on fire! CRAZY RIGHT!

July 9: Today we had 3 investigators at church! Super cool!

July 10: Today we did an Escape room! We were locked in a zombie lab for an hour trying to break out. There was a live Zombie in there! Every 5 minutes the chain that held him to the wall got longer! Yup we all died... It was fun though!

-Elder Yskes

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