Wednesday, August 2, 2017

So Much Teaching and a Little Bit of Farming

July 25: We went around gauging interest because we might begin teaching English classes!

July 26: We have been super busy lately with combining the areas. It is sweet! We were able to have a really cool experience today. We taught a recent convert family and their relatives were over. In that house, there were 7 people who had been baptized within the last year!! Super Cool!! It is amazing what the blessings of missionary service bring!

July 27: We found out today that one of the investigators Elder Bagley and I taught, who we had given to the YSA Elders to teach because she graduated, got married! Now I get to teach her again! What's cooler, her husband is a member! Amazing!

July 28: Today we went farming! There are some members who couldn't make it to church because they had too much farming to do so we went and helped them out. Got a few blisters but they will be able to come to church this week so it was worth it!

July 29: Just another super busy day!

July 30: Church this week was crazy! There are tons of things going on this week, someone is leaving on his mission, the wedding just happened, and there is a huge Hmong event this Saturday for the church so there was about 100 more people at church than normal. Pretty awesome though! 

-Elder Yskes

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